Wednesday, 5 July 2017

BA Football Degree

Study football as a subject offered by Burnley; the first club to offer

BA Degree in football

 at a football club

Burnley has announced the commencement of football studies in which a student can learn all the pros and cons of football industry in three-year time and Burnley will become the first football club to offer football degree. This course on football is a part of sports management programs and it is expected that other football cubs in the country will follow it. 

The BA football degree will be comprised of three years and the students will be awarded with BA (Hons) degree. This is certainly charming as youth loves the game of football and now youth can make their career in soccer in different departments as well. 

BA Degree in football is expected to grab attention of the youth in mass as they are far more interested in football.

The lectures for football studies will be delivered at Jimmy McIlroy & James Hargreaves stands at Turf Moor which is also a unique aspect of the football sports management programs.

This course of football studies will cover the following aspects of football industry;
  • football finance
  • football law
  • stadium building & management
  • commercialism in the football

It is a certified football degree as the Clarets have been affiliated with a private university in London and the course contents were decided with mutual consultation of the director of the club, Brendan Flood, who has received his own MBA football from Liverpool University.

According to Burnley chief executive Paul Fletcher, this the first time in country and it would be perused by the other 

football clubs

 in the coming times.

This degree of football studies will mainly focus on the commercial angles of football and it will also be a beneficial step for the club as well. The fees will range up to £3,200 annually.

Paul Fletcher continues saying that the fee will be equivalent to the other existing courses in football studies and football degree. 

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