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Learn How To Write a Literature Review Chapter | Free Examples

Literature Review Writing – Some tips and Literature Review 
Examples to ease your Dissertation Writing

Is your literature review writing the only part where you are stuck during your dissertation writing? Can't you find any good literature review examples in your library or on internet?

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What is Literature Review Writing?

Literature review writing is a process that accounts some previously written and published literature on some particular topic. Sometimes students are also asked to write a literature review as a separate assignment but mostly literature review chapter writing is the part of the introduction of an essay, research, thesis or dissertation writing.

The literature review is an example to fulfill the purpose to convey. 
  • What knowledge and ideas have been found on that particular topic? 
  • What are the strengths and the weaknesses of the selected topic?

Literature review writing is defined by a guiding concept i.e. objective of the research, problem or the issue chosen for the discussion or the argumentative thesis. Literature review is not just an example of just a descriptive list of the available information or the set of the summaries collected for the dissertation writing.

To know more about what is literature review writing, read further!

In addition to expand the understanding and awareness about the topic literature review writing is a good example to gain and demonstrate the two fold skills during your dissertation writing.

  1. Seeking more information about the topic: The aptitude to examine the literature competently by means of manual or programmed techniques that can help you to spot out a set of helpful articles and books.
  2. Critical assessment: The aptitude to relate principles of analysis to classify unbiased and valid studies.

Literature review writing

 must include the following things

  1. Formulate questions that need further research. It should also formulate the questions that are compulsory for further research. If you are not able to formulate such questions, you can take help from some dissertation writing services. 
  2. A literature review is an example to be organized around and related directly to the topic of the dissertation writing or the questions you are developing for the research. 
  3. A literature review should synthesize the results into a synopsis of what is known and what is not.
  4. A literature review is incomplete without identifying the controversial areas.

While conducting your literature review, ask yourself questions like these;

Self questioning can make your literature review an example for the others. Some of these questions are;

  1. What is the definite thesis, problem, or research question that your literature review writing will help to define?
  2. What kind of literature review you are writing? 
  • Is it around the issues of theory? Methodology? Policy?
  • Quantitative research (for example; is your literature review on the usefulness of a new procedure)?
  • Qualitative research (for example; is your literature review is just around the studies you have conducted so far)?
  1. The scope of your literature review. 
  • The types of publications you are using (For example; are you using journals, books, government documents or popular media for literature review writing)?
  • What order are you conducting your literature review in (for example nursing psychology, sociology, medicine)?
  1. How excellent are your about information seeking for your literature review
  • Has your investigation been broad sufficiently to make sure that you have explored all the relevant information?
  • Is your literature review writing narrow enough to eliminate irrelevant and redundant information?
  • Is the amount of sources you have utilized are appropriate for the length of your literature review writing?
  1. Have you critically analysed the literature you use? 
  • Do you follow from beginning to end, set of concepts and questions, contrasting items to each other in the ways they deal with them?
  • As an alternative of just listing and summarizing items, do you assess them, discuss strengths and weaknesses?

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